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In alphabetical order

Alvin Finkel, Athabasca University; - Labour history, rights and issues, and social policy

Alvin Finkel has published extensively in Canadian Labour and Social History. He also co-authored one of the most widely used Canadian history textbooks in undergraduate teaching, History of the Canadian Peoples, in two volumes (Pearson Education, 2005)

Fluency: English



Craig Heron, York University; - Labour Movement

Craig Heron is a professor at York University, a past president of the CHA, and editor for the University of Toronto Press. He has authored several notable works on Canadian social history, including The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History (1989, 1996) and Booze in Canada: A History (2003)

Fluency: English


Peter McInnis, St. Francis Xavier University; - Labour history, rights and issues, and social policy

Peter McInnis researches Labour and working-class history, North America and the Cold War era, and the social history of post-war Canada. He is the author of Harnessing Labour Confrontation: Shaping the Postwar Settlement in Canada, 1943-1950 (2002). He remains active in the field and in the area of post-secondary unionization with his role in the Canadian Association of University Teachers national executive and the Academic Freedom and Tenure committee

Fluency: English

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