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Jim Miller, University of Saskatchewan; - Aboriginal and treaty history, rights and issues

Order of Canada recipient Jim Miller is one of the foremost experts in Canadian Aboriginal history, having written several seminal works on Native-Newcomer relations, Treaty history, and Indian Residential Schools

Fluency: English


Brittany Luby, University of Guelph, - Indigenous land and water development, community partnership

Brittany Luby specializes in the history of hydroelectric development in Treaty #3, focusing on Anishinabeg responses to industrial incursions. Her work can be found in the Canadian Journal of Native Studies and the Canadian Bulletin of Medical History. Luby has also lectured extensively on building partnerships between the academy and Indigenous communities interested in research.

Fluency: English


Brenda MacDougall, University of Ottawa, - Aboriginal peoples; Metis and First Nations history; community and family history; and the impact of colonization

Brenda is a leading expert in the history of Métis and First Nations and Ontario's first Chair in Métis Research.

Fluency: English




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