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Short Book Series

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CHA Short Book Series – International Themes and Issues

The Canadian Historical Association in conjunction with University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division (English language publisher) and Les Presses de l'Université Laval (French language publisher) are sponsoring a series of short books which address themes and issues of international significance. Publishing, distribution, and promotion in English and French will be handled by the two presses respectively. The books are aimed at universities in North America and beyond, with a readership among undergraduate students and the educated public. 

The aim of these books is to provide a short treatment of topics or issues of broad interest in the study of history. The approach is comparative, global, or transnational  and emphasis is placed on processes that develop through and across societies and polities.

The books are approximately 160-200 pages (up to 85 ,000 words) including bibliography. They will address topics in an accessible, engaging style, and provide the most recent findings on any given issue.

The books are published in an attractive format and commercially distributed, with the author paid through royalties.

Authors interested in submitting a proposal are asked to prepare a 2,000 word proposal outlining their proposed topic. The proposal should also include chapter breakdowns and possible images, maps, or figures as required. Proposals should be sent to the series editor, Pierre-Yves Saunier.

Once this proposal is submitted it will be assessed by the editorial board and sent out for further evaluation. The evaluation process should take no more than three months.

The Editorial Board

Chair – Pierre-Yves Saunier, Laval
Cylvie Claveau  - UQÀC
James A. Flath - UWO
Alan McDougall - Guelph
Sean Kennedy - UNB
Nicolas Kenny - SFU
Eda Kranakis - Ottawa
Beverly Lemire - Alberta
Shannon McSheffrey - Concordia
Lianne McTavish - Alberta
Laurence Monnais - Montréal
Steven Palmer - Windsor
Shelly Shan - Wisconsin
Meredith Terretta - Ottawa
Renée Worringer - Guelph

If the proposal is accepted, a contract will be offered by University of Toronto Press; French language publication is not automatic and will be determined by the editorial board of Les Presses de l'Université Laval.

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