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14th International Conference of the Graduate Student Association of the Historical Sciences Department of Université Laval

Published on October 28, 2013

14th International Conference of the Graduate Student Association of the Historical Sciences Department of Université Laval

Archaeology – Archivistics – Ethnology, Socio-cultural Anthropology – Folklore – History – Art and

Architecture History – Museology – Heritage Studies

4th to the 6th of February 2014

Université Laval, Quebec City

Proud of the international dimension it has acquired over the past few years, Artefact renews its invitation to graduate students and young scholars to submit paper proposals for the 14th International Conference of the Graduate Student Association of the History Department of Université Laval. The purpose of the conference is to bring together Master’s, Doctoral students and young scholars working on a variety of topics in order to foster discussion. This year, two special events mark the conference. On the opening night, the keynote will be given by Mr Jérôme Baschet, professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and at the Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas at San Cristóbal de Las Casastitulaire. Between History and Art History, his research focuses on medieval iconography and the representations of Christ during the Middle Ages. His conference is entitled « Une histoire postcapitaliste est-elle possible? ». Wednesday evening will also feature a roundtable discussion regrouping several experts on the issue of commemoration: « La commémoration: outil de mémoire ou instrument politique ? ».

As for the proposals, we welcome the following:

1. Open topic papers - We invite graduate students in history, art history, museology, archaeology, social anthropology, folklore, archivistics and other related disciplines to present preliminary or final results of their research in any topic.

2. Thematic sessions - We welcome groups of 2 to 4 student scholars to propose a thematic session on a topic of their choosing. For each session proposal we request that one person be responsible for its organization (gathering of paper proposals, structure of the session, choosing a chair for the session, etc.)

This person must submit to Artefact the following information: the topic of the session, each paper proposed, and the order of presentation.

3. Poster sessions - We also offer graduate students of all disciplines the opportunity to summarize their research results graphically on a scientific poster. Allying text and images (graphics, pictures, tables…), the posters will be shown altogether during a poster session that should last approximately an hour. During this session, the poster creators will discuss their work with the peers visiting the space allowed for this particular event. A jury will judge the posters and give a prize of $100 on the name of Artefact association for the one which will combine the best illustrations and scientific content. The CÉLAT (Centre interuniversitaire d’études sur les lettres, les arts et les traditions) and the CIEQ (Centre interuniversitaire d’études québécoises) will also give a prize of $100 to one of their student members participating in the session. More details can be found on our website:

Students and young scholars interested to submit a paper are invited to fill the form found on our website (

Each proposal has to include the following elements:

1. A synopsis of the paper (250 words) with a short contextualization, a clear problematic, and the principal ideas of your paper;

2. Keywords that define the topic;

3. A biographical statement (100 words) which includes the complete name, discipline, programme of study, university, research supervisor, area of research, last works or anthropology fields and publications, if any.

Proposals may be submitted in either French or English. Please note that Artefact can cover some of your travel and lodging expenses.

Send proposals form before November the 22th 2013 at :

The Artefact selection committee will consider proposals and respond in mid-December. Students will

have the opportunity to submit a text version of papers for the Proceedings of 14e Colloque international de l’Association étudiante des 2e et 3e cycles du Département d’histoire de l’Université Laval.

For more information please contact:


Université Laval, Pavillon Charles-De-Koninck, local 3248
Québec, Qc, G1V 0A6
Adresse électronique: colloque.artefact@gmail

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