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Association of Critical Heritage Studies

Published on June 30, 2015

What does heritage change?

Association of Critical Heritage Studies

Third biannual Conference 
Montreal, 7-10th June 2016

An initiative of the Canada Research Chair on Urban Heritage at UQAM 
In partnership with Concordia University




Heritage is a powerful witness to mindsets and zeitgeist; it is commonly understood that it gives way to a better understanding of societies and even brings together communities. But how would this happen? Can heritage affect reality? What does it change?

The Conference considers the manifestations, discourses, epistemologies, policies, and stakes of heritage—as a phenomenon, a symptom, an effect or a catalyst; as a tool of empowerment or leverage; as a physical or intangible restraint or kick-off; in communities, societies, or any material or mental environment. Subthemes range from gender-related issues to identity-making, mythologies of cultural diversity and the rethinking of heritage policies beyond the authorized heritage discourse.

Submissions to the 2016 ACHS Conference should bring innovative reflections and interdisciplinary methodologies or approaches to the critical enquiries about how and why heritage is, has been or could be made, used, studied, defined and managed, and with what effects, if any, on a society, a territory, an economy. Contributions might, for example, explore the reconstruction of narratives, the reconfiguration of social relations, knowledge production and cultural expressions, the transformation of the environment or the (de)valuation of the land. We particularly welcome papers that go beyond canon theories to interrogate discipline- based norms about heritage, and the assumptions that orient practice or decision-making. In this respect, this conference aims to continue important debates about heritage as a domain

of politics and citizenship, a living environment, a source of identity and an assemblage of human-non-human relations.

In order to bring new insights to the study of heritage, the 2016 ACHS Conference is framed by the general question of “What Does Heritage Change?” It is hoped that this general question will encourage submissions relating to one of the over-arching themes found id the pdf of the second announcement or on the conference website (; other proposals are nonetheless welcome.

This second announcement calls for submissions of roundtables, sessions, posters or papers.

The deadline for the call for sessions is 1st July 2015

The deadline for the call for papers and posters is 1st November 2015

Submissions are to be made online, in French or English, at

 w w

The conference will mainly host four session types:

- Regular paper sessions (20-minutes papers in any number);

- Poster sessions;

- Roundtables;

- Research-creation sessions or installations.

All other proposals are welcome.

More on the session formats, papers and posters is to be found in the pdf of the second announcement or on www.achs2016.uqam.c

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