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Published on December 2, 2015

Eligible institutions and organizations are invited to submit proposals for the production of Community Memories exhibits projects. All proposals must be submitted via email. In order to complete your submission, please download the guidelines, the form and the templates below.

The deadline to submit a proposal is February 24, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Please go to for more details.

Community Memories Overview

Community Memories is an investment program that enables small community museums to develop bilingual online local history exhibits to share with all Canadians through the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC).

The objectives of Community Memories are to:

  • tell the stories, past and present, of Canada’s communities and make them accessible to all Canadians;
  • strengthen the capacity of Canada’s community museums to create digital content for use online;
  • increase the Web presence of Canada’s community museums;
  • stimulate community/museum partnerships in the development of online local history exhibits; and
  • engage Canadians in sharing their personal heritage with others.

Community Memories is not a Grants and Contribution program. The Canadian Museum of History (CMH) enters into contracts with participating museums for the creation of Community Memories exhibits.

Eligible Institutions

To be eligible for Community Memories investment funding, your institution must:

    1. Be a not-for-profit.
      For the purposes of Community Memories, this is defined as follows:

      • have a permanent physical establishment or site open to the public (seasonal or year-round);
      • be administered in the public interest for the primary purpose of conserving and preserving, studying, interpreting, assembling and exhibiting objects and specimens of educational and cultural value (this includes artistic, scientific (whether animate or inanimate), historical and technological material);
      • be a museum, art gallery, art exhibit centre, botanical garden, zoological park, aquarium, planetarium, historical society museum, historical house, library, archives, preservation project or site, professional cultural association or group which meets the aforementioned requirements.

      NOTE: The CMH reserves the right to request proof of eligibility from applicants at any time during the proposal review process.

    2. Have no more than five permanent full-time paid staff.
      Full-time is defined as 30 hours or more of work per week. Institutions that are entirely volunteer-run are also eligible. (For information on VMC investment for larger museums, please see the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program).
    3. Have completed any previous exhibit for which it received investment in an earlier Call for Proposals from the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), who previously administered the program, or the CMH. This applies to investment from both the Community Memories and Virtual Exhibits investment programs.

NOTE: For the purposes of Community Memories, “community” is not defined geographically. Rather, a community is defined as being a group that shares a common history or interest and that may be situated in a specific location in Canada.

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