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Fellowship - University of Alberta

Published on September 25, 2014

Announcement: Fellowship, U Alberta 

The Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta is offering a fellowship of $22,000/year renewable for up to three additional years for the PhD program starting in 2015. The fellowship includes generous office space, research equipment and additional funding up to $9000 for research and conference travel associated with the project. The successful candidate will participate in a national research team that is studying the impact of state funding on social movements.

The fellowship is part of an innovative five-year research project that places an emphasis on graduate student training. It is an ideal opportunity for graduate students to learn new research methodologies and technologies; interact with scholars across Canada; participate in conferences; and co-author publications. The team meetings will provide a dynamic environment for intellectual growth. As part of the fellowship, the candidate will accept a Research Assistantship (12 hours per week for eight months). The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate as part of a team that includes Profs Dominique Clément (Alberta), Catherine Corrigall-Brown (UBC), Pascale Dufour (Montreal), Dominique Masson (Ottawa) and Howard Ramos (Dalhousie). The project’s mandate is to promote greater understanding of the role that social movements play in Canadian society and to facilitate engagement between academics and the community. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are broadly interested in social movements, state policy or social problems. 

The successful applicant will work under the supervision of Dr. Dominique Clément. For further information, please contact:

The Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta is among the top five sociology departments in Canada, with a vibrant graduate program of some 80 PhD and MA students and access to exceptional resources. Full-time graduate students in Sociology receive professional development training and the opportunity to apply for departmental conference travel and research funding. Our department is also home to the Population Research Lab (PRL) and the Inter-media Research Studio (IRS). The PRL is the largest center for social science research in Western Canada and offers expertise in large scale public opinion and social research surveys. The IRS is an advanced audio/visual research lab and collaborative space that also offers access to equipment such as cameras, projectors, lights, and laptops.

To apply to the graduate program, please visit: [specify the State Funding for Social Movements project in the Statement of Intent]. The deadline is 15 January 2015.

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