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Help Decipher a Soldier's Letter

Published on September 2, 2014


Check out and decipher a soldier's letter describing The Battle of Waterloo and Quatre. I invite amateurs and experts to join in on the detective work and the discussion. Is this letter really from the front line of the Battle of Waterloo and Quatre Bras? Did the author meet Louis XVIII, Napoleon and The Duke of Wellington?

During the first week there will be a fragment of the original letter. I won’t describe any of the information. This will give people the opportunity to do their own sleuthing. Part of the fun is to figure out the clues. A week later, I will post some of my research and information. Hopefully, you will add to the discussion! The 200-year anniversary of these battles will occur next June. My hope is to create a ground swell of discussion about this event.

Janet S. McLeod,

Registered Clinical Psychologist,

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