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Interdisciplinary Panel on “The 1920’s in Canada”

Published on September 18, 2014

Seeking to Organize an Interdisciplinary Panel on “The 1920’s in Canada” for CHA 2015.

Are you working on a subject related to “The 1920’s in Canada”?

 I am organizing an interdisciplinary panel on “The 1920's in Canada”. It will include three or four papers that examine different aspects of Canada in the 1920's, looking at non-traditional historical areas of inquiry, and if possible, using methodologies from disciplines other than history.

My paper, for instance, discusses the origins of the image of women as “vamps” after World War I, as seen in an analysis of a song from 1920 called “I Like To Do It”.

I will look after all the paperwork, proposal creation and communications. Please send me a title, a 150-word abstract (what’s it’s about, what are the sources, what is your argument), and a CV by September 30th, and I will do the rest.

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