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Jinan Congress: 23-29 August 2015

Published on November 21, 2013

Practical information

 by Robert Frank, the Secretary of the International Committee of Historical Sciences

After the visit of the Board to Jinan (21-25 October) and fruitful exchanges with the Chinese colleagues, I may give some interesting informations.

- Site of the Congress. The Congress (23-29 August 2015) will be held in two huge hotels, the Shandong Hotel , the Jinan Nanjiao Hotel  (5 minutes walk between them) ; maybe a third one will be needed (15 minutes walk from the two others) : the Shungeng Hillview Hotel. They have all the needed infrastructures in matter of auditoria and conference rooms for the different sessions of the Congress.

- Accommodation. All the participants, or the majority of them, will find accommodation in these three rather luxurious hotels. Prices will be negotiated and moderate : between 50 and 100 euros per night, according to the size of the room (from large to very large) ; people who will accept to be two by room will pay between 25 and 50 euros by night ; other hotels, cheaper, but more distant, will be available. It will be possible to book the rooms on the Jinan Congress website when it will be open (spring 2014).

- Transportation. During the two first days of the Congress, participants will find specific help in the Beijing airport, the Jinan airport and in the Beijing and Jinan railway stations. It takes 1 h 40 minutes from Beijing to Jinan (250 miles-400 km) by the high speed train. Price : about 80 euros for the round trip ticket. Train tickets may be booked online or by travel agencies (number of your passport needed). Taxi in Beijing, from the airport to the railway station : about 10 euros. Taxi in Jinan, from the railway station to the site of the Congress and the hotels : about 6-7 euros. Taxi fare inside Jinan : around 2-3 euros.

- Meals. Meal-boxes will be served during the Congress in dining rooms : 2-3 euros. There will be also other restaurants in the hotels.

- Excursions will be planned, especially to the Confucius temple and house (Qufu). The travel agencies offers (visits of Beijing, of the Great Wall, and in the Shandong province, of Qufu, the Sacred Mountain, Tsing Tao - port and brewery -) will be put online on the Congress website.

- Registration fees will  be lower than in Amsterdam in 2010 : 130 euros if they are paid before the 1st of March 2015 and 200 euros afterwards. Organizers of sessions do not pay the fees.

- Financial support. Two solidarity accounts are planned : 

By the Chinese committee of organization in order to help participants coming from developing countries or from countries where the universities have difficulties to afford financial support :

200 participants will pay reduced fees : 50 euros 

40 participants will have their air tickets paid

150 will have a free accommodation

By the CISH (30 000 CFF or 24 000 euros) in order to help confirmed historians who would have difficulty to pay their travel or accommodation  expenses.

Participants needing a financial support must first have their proposal accepted by the organizer of one of the sessions of the Jinan Congress and then send their application to me : I will dispatch them to the selection committees. Further informations will be coming on the timing of that selection process.

- The website of the Jinan Congress ( will be open in March or April 2014 : participants will be able then to register, to pay their fees, to book their hotel rooms, train tickets, touristic excursions.


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