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Lakehead University

Published on May 22, 2018

Critical Perspectives on Gender and the Social Determinants of Health in Canada 

Editors: Kristin Burnett, Jennifer Chisholm, and Chris Sanders 

We are seeking chapters to provide an analysis of how access to health care is shaped by gender and intersecting categories of identity 

The idea of universal health care has come be understood as a defining characteristic of Canadian identity, and we need to interrogate how universal it really is and how that universality is shaped and informed by gender, as a defining social determinant of health, as well as intersecting categories of identity and experience (like race, socio-economic status, ethnicity, sexual identity, colonialism, etc.). How are our experiences of and with health and health care impacted? 

Chapters should adopt an intersectional approach and use a range of materials (historical docs, images, etc.) to provide an analysis of how access to health care is shaped by gender and intersecting categories of identity and experience. The collection will be aimed at mid to upper level students from Women’s Studies, Canadian Studies, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, History, and related disciplines. 

We invite proposals on topics including, but not limited to, Gender, Health AND: 

• The North 

• Immigration/Citizenship 

• Housing 

• Food and Nutrition 

• Parenting/Child Care 

• Mental Health 

• Disability 

• Reproductive Health 

• Trans* Bodies/Identities 

• Theoretical Frameworks 

• Notions of Universal Health Care 

• Sex/Gender/Health Debates 

Please submit a proposal of up to 500 words, including a description of methodological approach and a 100-word bio describing your position (academic, researcher, community organization, etc.) and area(s) of research/practice. Proposals and inquiries can be directed to: Jennifer Chisholm or Chris Sanders at

The deadline for chapter proposals is August 15, 2018. People will receive notification of decisions by September 5, 2018. 

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