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Launch of SSHRC’s 2014 Impact Awards competition

Published on February 19, 2014

SSHRC has launched the 2014 Impact Awards competition. Announced last year, SSHRC’s Impact Awards are designed to build on and sustain Canada’s research-based knowledge culture. The awards recognize outstanding researchers and students and celebrate their achievements in research, research training, knowledge mobilization and outreach activities funded partially or completely by SSHRC.

Institutions eligible to administer SSHRC funding are invited to put forward nominations for the following awards:

Gold Medal ($100,000)
Talent Award ($50,000)
Insight Award ($50,000)
Connection Award ($50,000)
Partnership Award ($50,000)

The deadline to submit nominations is May 9, 2014. Finalists and winners will be announced in the fall of 2014.

For additional information:

Your collaboration in promoting these awards and encouraging your institution’s participation would be greatly appreciated

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