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The 27th Annual Two Days of Canada

Published on October 28, 2013

The 27th Annual Two Days of Canada
7th-8th November 2013
“Educating [in] Canada:
Inequalities, Controversies, Debates, Possibilities”

Special Keynote Address by
The Honourable Ken Dryden P.C. O.C.

The 27th annual “Two Days of Canada” conference at Brock University, the oldest Canadian Studies conference of its kind in Canada, invites scholars and graduate students in all disciplines who study or research any aspect of education or pedagogy in the Canadian context to a conference centred broadly on education in Canada. Papers and panels that touch on any aspect of contemporary Canadian education are invited and encouraged.

Many possible dimensions comprise the broad theme of this conference. There is the question of how Canada and Canadian history are portrayed in educational curricula at all le­vels. What sort of national identity is molded in Canadian schools, colleges, and universities? How are our historical triumphs as well as the atrocities and injustices taken up and discussed in the classroom? To what extent are our schools, college, and universities producing critically-minded and politically engaged citizens? There are also questions of equity and inclusiveness at all levels of Canadian education. Despite decreasing high school drop out rates and strong performances on international educational assessment measures, observers continue to highlight persisting racialized and class-based achievement gaps. Are Canadian schools, colleges, and universities doing all that they can to meet the needs of diverse, class-divided student populations? How do gender and sexuality operate in Canadian educational environments? What role does the media play in educating Canadians? This conference represents an opportunity to reflect on the state of schooling in Canada as well as the role that education plays in shaping Canada.

Proposals for individual papers, presentations, or panels from all disciplines, covering any aspect of Canadian education or the role of schooling in Canada, are welcomed. They should be no longer than 250 words and may be sent to Kevin Gosine, Department of Sociology ( before September 6th, 2013.

Hardcopy proposals should be sent to: Professor Kevin Gosine, c/o The Department of Sociology,
Brock University, 573 Glenridge Ave. St. Catharines, ON., L2S3A1

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