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Published on March 1, 2016

Since 2010 the Canadian Immigration Historical Society (CIHS) has partnered with the International Migration Research Centre (IMRC) at Wilfrid Laurier University in awarding the annual Gunn Award for a winning paper in the humanities and social sciences that addresses Canadian immigration in the postwar period.  Students in Canadian universities at the senior undergraduate and postgraduate levels are eligible.

The call for essays is made annually by the IMRC.  A distinguished panel assesses the submissions and selects the winning entry each summer.  The winner receives the award in the fall.

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Winners and their Papers

Through this award CIHS and IMRC provide recognition and encouragement to a stellar group of young scholars.

2010:  Stephen A. Fielding, University of Victoria.  “We are promoting an up-to-date image of Italy:  The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Italian Ethnicity in Vancouver, Canada, 1973-1998”.

2011: Alyshea Cummins, Wilfrid Laurier University.  “A Comparison of Refugee Resettlement of Ugandan Ismaili Asians and Cambodia Theravada Buddhists in Canada”.

2013:  Dara Narcus, University of Ottawa. “ The Hai Hong Incident: one boat's effect on Canadian policy towards Indochinese refugees”.

2014:  Geoffrey Cameron, University of Toronto.  “The Political Origins of Refugee Resettlement Policy: Insights from the Policy Process in Canada (1938-1951”.

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